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Biographical Information; Getting Into Health Care; Work with the Oregon Medical Association; Joseph Conference, 1988; Physician Assistants; OHSU and Rural Health; Office of Rural Health; Challenges of Rural Health Care; Oregon Rural Practice-Based Research Network; Gang of Seven; Federal Health Legislation; Ginny Burk; Harold Osterud; Dutch Reinschmidt; Health Manpower; Rural Health Services; Area Health Education Centers; Future Manpower Trends; Women in Health Care; Looking Back on a Career; Index


Karen Whitaker Knapp (earlier, Karen Whitaker) talks about how she got into the health care field, her various positions during her rural health career in Oregon, notable people who she knew and worked with (including Ginny Burk, Harold Osterud, Dutch Reinschmidt), and finally about women in health care. Karen Whitaker Knapp was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in Ashland, Oregon. Educated at Southern Oregon University and Portland State University. Worked with the Multnomah County Health Department on an immunization program. Served as Associate Director of Public Affairs at the Oregon Medical Association, 1979-1990; Director of Office of Rural Health, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1990-2005; President, Oregon Public Health Association, 1989-1990; President, Oregon Rural Health Association, 2000-2001. Retired from OHSU in 2005.


Transcript of oral history interview with Karen Whitaker Knapp, conducted on April 18, 2006 by R. Sam Connell, M.D.


OHSU Oral History Project




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