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Dr. Harold Osterud describes his involvement in the development of public health programs and education in Oregon. Osterud was born in Richmond, Virginia; he attended Randolph-Macon, the oldest Methodist college in America, and then the Medical College of Virginia, where his father was Professor of Anatomy. He served in World War II and Korea. After moving to Oregon, Osterud interned at Good Samaritan Hospital and then worked in public health for the state. He obtained a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree from the University of North Carolina and then returned to Oregon where he served as Health Officer in Coos Bay for three years before moving to Eugene. Dr. Osterud testified before the Oregon State Legislature to replace the elected coroner’s office with a medical examiner; he served first in that capacity. In 1961, after six years in Eugene, Dr. Adolph Weinzirl offered Dr. Osterud an academic position at the University of Oregon Medical School. Dr. Osterud worked at the Crippled Children’s Division (CCD) on congenital malformations and heart disease; he and Dr. Victor Menashe were the first to identify hypoplastic left heart syndrome. When the ophthalmologist Dr. E. C. Brown passed away and left his fortune to create a trust fund, Dr. Weinzirl created a new department at UOMS and began to teach full time. Working with the Oregon Medical Association in the 1970s, Dr. Osterud created a program to recruit physicians for small towns and rural areas and in the early 1980s, Dr. Osterud and colleagues worked with the University of Washington and Portland State University to develop their MPH program.


Transcript of oral history interview with Harold T. Osterud, conducted on April 26, 1999 by Linda Weimer


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