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Growing Up During the Depression; Moving to Camas; Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing; Joining Doernbecher; Work in the Preschool Unit; Visiting Hours; History of Doernbecher; Working Conditions; Need For Premature Infant Care; Training in Los Angeles; Opening the Preemie Nursery; Retrolental Fibroplasia; Management of the Preemie Unit; Return to School; Becoming the Pediatric Nurse Supervisor; Patient Recreation and Schooling; Labor Relations; Trends in Nursing; Recruitment Efforts; Looking Back on a Career; Christmas at Doernbecher; Index


Betty Weible describes her childhood in the dust bowl of the Midwest during the Great Depression and later moving with her family to Camas, Washington. She describes her nursing education and how she became involved in pediatric nursing. She talks about the many roles she had over the years at Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children in Portland. Weible's proudest accomplishment was being head nurse of the premature nursery. Eventually she moved further into hospital administration and talks about staffing and recruitment issues and early labor negotiations between the hospital and the Oregon Nurses Association. Finally, she highlights some of the trends in nursing, including the role of licensed practical nurses in the provision of care. Nurse Weible was born in Julesburg, Colorado on December 24, 1925. She received an education at the Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing and University of Washington School of Nursing (B.S., 1955). She joined the staff of Doernbecher Memorial Hospital for Children in 1947 and trained in premature infant nursing at Los Angeles County General Hospital. In 1954, she joined the faculty of the University of Oregon Medical School Department of Nursing Education as Instructor in Pediatric Nursing. In 1957, she returned to Doernbecher as Pediatric Supervisor. In 1970, Weible became the Nursing Personnel Coordinator for Doernbecher. She formally retired in 1988 but continued to work part-time at Doernbecher until 1991. She passed away on March 2, 2004.


Transcript of oral history interview with Betty Weible, conducted on June 2, 1999 by Heather G. Rosenwinkel


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