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Poetry Contest Archive

OHSU Library and OHSU WRITEs are pleased to have hosted an annual Poetry Contest since 2014. The contest is open to all OHSU students, staff, faculty, and volunteers. Beginning in 2017, participants were given the option of signing a release form to allow OHSU Library to include their poetry submission(s) on the OHSU Library digital archive. The poems included are from participants who have signed the release form.

Reflections on Healthcare Management

Reflections on Healthcare Management is a peer-reviewed, open access anthology dedicated to highlighting student work from the Division of Management in OHSU’s School of Medicine. The anthology, established in 2017, seeks to publish work that highlights application of theories and frameworks within professional healthcare contexts such as the following areas:

  • Ethical consideration for managers and leaders in healthcare environments
  • Analyses and recommendations for improvement within organizations
  • Case studies and best practices within healthcare management and leadership