Public Health in Oregon: Discovering Historical Data


G. Alfred Dodds



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A public health survey by a student named Alfred Dodds for Oregon City, Oregon in 1932. Includes information regarding vital statistics; industry; geographical location; civic and non-affiliated administrative and health organizations; venereal and communicable disease; control of milk, foodstuffs, public-use spaces, water, and sewage; general sanitation; and suggested changes. Page 5 not digitized because pamphlet has already been scanned in folder 13. Verso side of birth certificate on page 26 not included.


Public Health


Oregon--Oregon City; Health Surveys; Vital Statistics; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Sanitation; Water-supply; Food adulteration and inspection; Death Certificates; Public Health Nursing; Sanitary engineering; Research Report


Public Health Survey Records; 2004-025



Description of Data Content

Data consists of census statistics: population; civic debt; taxable revenue and expenditures; schools; industry and employment; births; deaths and cause of death; and communicable and venereal disease. Additional data includes sanitation of milk, foodstuffs, public-use spaces, and water; and sewage disposal.

Public Health Survey, Oregon City, 1932

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