Public Health in Oregon: Discovering Historical Data



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A Digital Color scan of a public health survey by a student named Harold Whiteside for the Salem, Oregon area for the year 1931. Extensive public health data is included. Pages 25 and 27 contains unscanned reverse sides of documents because of the way it was glued to the paper. Page 30 contains an unscanned pamphlet about milk ordinance.


Public Health


Oregon--Salem; Oregon; Health Surveys; Vital Statistics; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Public Health Nursing; Sanitation; Water-supply; Sanitary engineering; Research Report


Public Health Survey Records; 2004-025



Description of Data Content

Data Includes survey information for the area of Salem, Oregon. Consulting the table of contents, data is included in the following areas: Descriptive data, Organizations of Health Departments, Health Departments Administration, Vital statistics, Control of Communicable Disease, Control of Milk Supply, Control of Food Supply, Control of Water Supply, Control of Excreta Disposal, General Sanitation, Industrial Conditions, prostitution laws.

Public Health Survey, Salem, Oregon, 1931

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