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The Seventh Biennial Report of The Board of Trustees and of The Superintendent of the Oregon State Insane Asylum for the Two Years Ending November 30, 1888, Fifteenth Regular Session, 1889. Pages 1-82. Includes letter to the Oregon Legislative Assembly from the Governor and the Secretary of State; Superintendent's Report; letter to the Oregon State Insane Asylum Board of Trustees, signed by Superintendent D. A. Paine; patient statistics.


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Oregon; Oregon State Insane Asylum; Hospitals, Psychiatric; Mentally Ill Persons


OHSU Closed Stacks; 996850901858



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Data includes 1895-1897 Board of Trustees report; officers; superintendent's report: patient statistics, intemperance, idiocy, epileptics, tuberculosis, legislation, comparative statement, accommodations, buildings and improvements, library and amusement fund, finances, estimates; patient numbers for: discharged, admitted, age when admitted, number of attacks, duration of insanity, form of disease, county of origin, nativity, occupation, date and cause of death, sex, number of days' work, work in factory; accounts; statements; reports: steward, exhibit, stock and poultry on hand, repairs and improvements, manufactured, supervisor, tailor shop, matron, fruit canned, women employed, carpenter; 1894-1896 averages.

Seventh Biennial Report of The Board of Trustees and The Superintendent of the Oregon State Insane Asylum, 1897

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