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The 1908 Transactions of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Oregon State Medical Association, pages 1-247. Includes information regarding elected officials; House of Delegates; history and treatment of bacterial and viral infections, diseases, tumors, and physical injuries; physiology; surgery; practicality of government experts; medical standards; obstetrics; psychology and psychiatry; Members of the Oregon State Medical Association. Authors R. C. Coffey, N. W. Jones, Clarence A. Smith, T. C. Witherspoon, George W. Crile, Ralph C. Matson, C. A. Veasey, Ernest F. Tucker, J. D. Sternberg, Hon. Tracey C. Becker, H. Welland Howard, C. N. Suttner, Alan Welch Smith, A. C. Panton, S. E. Josephi, John Milton Holt, F. W. Van Dyke, Everett O. Jones, Frank J. Sladen, and Herbert C. Moffitt.


Public Health


Oregon; Education; Annual reports; Gastrointestinal Diseases; Women's Health; Glaucoma; Quacks and quackery


HC&A Archival Publications; WA1.O744 T736



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Data includes Oregon State Medical Association officers 1907-1909; House of Delegates Secretary Report; dues; treasurer's report; case studies: intestinal dyspepsia; acute gastric dilation; peritoneum surgery; Grave's disease and thyroid gland surgery; therapeutic value of bacterial vaccines; chronic simple glaucoma; pelvic surgery; arteriosclerosi; uterine retroversion; caesarian section; blood transfusion; chronic amoebic dysentery; Bier's hyperemia; epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis; surgical shock; adrenal tumors and hypernephroma.

Transactions of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Oregon State Medical Association, 1908

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