Author Guidelines

Reflections on Healthcare Management seeks to publish student work from the Division of Management in OHSU’s School of Medicine that highlights the application of theories and frameworks within professional healthcare contexts.

Articles are nominated by faculty for inclusion within the anthology, or students may self-nominate. This brief guide describes how to prepare your paper for publication in Reflections on Healthcare Management

I. Editorial Process

All papers are reviewed by multiple OHSU Division of Management faculty, including a topic expert.

II. Readability

Papers should be written clearly, so that they are accessible to readers in other disciplines and to readers who are not familiar with the details of your coursework. Therefore, technical and disciplinary jargon should be avoided, or clearly explained where its use is necessary. Additionally, you should remove any specific references to course content and other connections to the OHSU Division of Management program.

III. Format of Articles

Contributions should be double-spaced, and written in English, and include the following:

Biographical Statement

Include a one sentence bio which includes your name, degrees, title, organization, and best method for correspondence, should a reader with to contact you, such as an email address.


Three to seven key words that help people find and understand your work.


Include a brief statement (up to 200 words) summarizing your work. This will help readers discover and understand your work.

Section Headers

Your paper should contain section headers, such as “introduction”, “recommendations” and “conclusion”, to guide readers to key parts of your work.

IV. Figures & Tables

Cite tables and figures in ascending numeric order upon their first appearance in the paper. Tables and figures should include a label (e.g. Figure 1) and a brief descriptive title.

V. Using Content Created by Someone Else in Your Published Article

It is best practice to obtain permission from the content creator or copyright holder to include their work, such as a figure or table, in your paper, which will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). In all cases, the original authors should be properly cited. Contact the OHSU Library for copyright related questions: library@ohsu.libanswers.com

VI. Reference and Citation Format

Use the APA style for your references and citations. Information and tutorials can be found here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/.

VII. Access and Copyright

Your paper will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY) license. This license was developed to facilitate open access and extend the impact of science and scholarship. This means that you will be able to republish and redistribute your work without restriction. The CCBY license also allows others to access and reuse your paper without asking permission or paying a fee. In these cases, users must give you appropriate credit, which includes your name and a link to the original work.